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Office Blinds London - Blind Cleaning for Businesses All Over the UKCleaning Blinds in London - Services for Offices, Companies, Hospitals, Schools, Council Offices, other government bodies and the Domestic Sector located in Greater London, Home Counties & throughout the UK.

If at the moment you do not have a need for replacement window blinds you may wish to consider our cleaning and repairing service to give existing blinds a fresh new look.

The basic principle of Ultrasonic Cleaning (cavitation) is caused by sound waves that create millions of tiny bubbles traveling at incredibly high speeds through water. These bubbles impregnate all parts of blinds or other surfaces to be cleaned, and implode causing dirt to be gently lifted from surfaces. Its gentle, yet thoroughly cleans ropes, cords and ladders and lubricates the mechanisms.

There is no scratching, pitting, or other damage usually seen with conventional cleaning methods. Even steam cleaning ruins blind surfaces. Hand dusting is least acceptable solution because it creates static electricity which actually attracts dirt, causing surfaces to get dirty even faster.

Ultrasonic cleaning is safe for most types of blind, including venetian blinds, pleated blinds, vertical blinds and more. It is not recommended for timber blinds

Our Cleaning Service:
We offer a full cleaning and maintenance service in and around LONDON AND ALL OVER THE UK which can offer the following advantages;

  • Full service check, report and quote.
  • Fast and efficient take down service.
  • Ultrasonic Cavitation Cleaning at our own plant.
  • Re-hang service including repair service and re-lubrication of headrails.
  • Standard 3-4 day service.
  • Emergency 24 hour service (additional charge).
  • Out of office hours for less disruption (no extra charge).

If you require your blinds to be professionally cleaned, please contact our sales office staff on 01708 687321 who will be happy to give advise and to make appointments for a survey if required.

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